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Casa Loma Ballroom

Great swing nights to big band, this dance floor is built for dancing better than most.
3354 Iowa Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63118
Contact: (314) 664-8000

We love the Casa Loma Ballroom for it's fantastic dance floor: 5000 square feet of gorgeous hardwood. On most any Friday night there are big brass bands that play swing music that is easy to dance too, plus a nice variety of other ballroom dances. Not to be missed are the nights with Hudson and the Hoodoo Cats. Then you can count on a vibrant crowd of high energy and many dance partners to choose from.

The Monday Club

Well used and well lit space, host to swing, tango, and contra dance events.
37 S. Maple Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63119
Contact: (314) 961-0200

This is a well-lit, very down to earth place that features several great dance events on both a weekly and monthly basis. No bar service here, but the groups that put on dances always know to provide ample water (and sometimes even nice snacks!).

On most Sundays the Childgrove Country Dancers have a super-friendly contra dance. Once a month Tal Stein puts on Swinging the Monday Club, a great night that always boasts a great turn out of swing dancers. Also monthly is Milonga Del Barrio as put on by Convergence, a great night of tango accented by dressy attire and great dessert.

The Atomic Cowboy

Non-smoking bar & restaurant that hosts weekly swing and salsa nights.
4140 Manchester Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110
Contact: (314) 775-0775

Sweet art on the walls, great lighting, and modern retro furniture give the Atomic Cowboy great ambience. That and it's smoke free, making it a very happy dance atmosphere indeed.

The Atomic Cowboy is a great destination dance place for its weekly dance nights. Sundays boast salsa dancing from 6:30 to 11, starting with a lesson by Kelly Brown. Thursdays have swing dancing from 7 to 11, also starting with a lesson for the first hour.

Swing Central

A group working to expand both swing dancers and events.

Swing Central's mission is to bring you more great dancing more often, and they generally hit the mark with their excellent monthly swing dances at the City Museum. Like us here at No Partner Required, their aim is to increase participation. Their focus is on swing (naturally) and they seek to grow dance talent by connecting interested students with great instructors. Looking to grow your swing dance ability? Talk to one of these guys, they'll point you in the right direction.

Kelly Brown

Teaches: Salsa and other Latin dance (including rueda, bachata, mambo, and merengue)
7141 Tulane Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63130
Contact: kbbrown@wustl.edu or (314) 863-8582

Kelly is one of our favorite people in the St. Louis salsa scene for his most excellent work to grow and solidify the community. His lessons are first rate, his ability to convey the underlying musicality in dance is noteworthy, and his creation of smoke-free salsa Sundays at the Atomic Cowboy is a smashing success.

We highly recommend one of Kelly's 8-week sessions to anyone interested in learning salsa. You can even take his beginner lesson ten times over and get something new each time--he always mixes it up and keeps it fresh.

Tal Stein

Teaches: Swing, Lindy Hop, Blues

Revered for his engaging teaching style (including dancing to one's inner hamster), Tal is one of the more prominent proponents of people having fun dancing swing. We salute him for his delightful monthly swing dance at The Monday Club and his work with Swing Central. New to swing? Catch an event where Tal is teaching.

Gateway Lindy Hop

The biggest and best online community for St. Louis swing dancers that we know of.

The de facto online community for the St. Louis swing scene. Their forum boasts membership of the most active participants in the scene, and their user-contributed calendar of swing dance events is a superbly thorough guide to getting out for swing and lindy hop dance events.

Tango St. Louis

Comprehensive resource for Argentine Tango in St. Louis

A brilliant and comprehensive resource for St. Louis tango. Read the on the FAQs and About to get a great overview of the culture and etiquette of Argentine Tango, and then check out the events calendar to find both events and classes.

Salsa Power.com

Resource for salsa teachers and events.

No one has yet made a great, local destination site for salsa dancing here in St. Louis (that we know of), but the St. Louis page of this national site does a decent job of filling the void. Here you can find a well-maintained lowdown on weekly events and local instructors.