Already Dancing?

Youíve got the fever. You like to get down. You are a dancing fool. You just wish you could strut your stuff a little more in this town. Youíre not alone!

This is our city and our dance scene. It is what we make it. So letís make it awesome. We want more dancing in St. Louis, more diverse events, more new dancers. We want everybody to fall in love with Swing, Tango, Contra, Salsa... you name it, we want more.

Hereís how we do that: we tell all our friends and coworkers about dance events coming up and go on and on about how fun and laid back it is. We beg them to join us. We gently shoot down their excuses. Then we show them a few moves in the living room or bring them to a beginners lesson or just haul them out to the floor and get funky. They will thank you.

We go to places where dancing occurs and keep an eagle eye out for those folks on the edges who look longingly at the twirling couples but havenít quite worked up the nerve to jump into the fray. We introduce ourselves and smile encouragingly and we ask them to dance. We teach them to love the rhythm. We encourage them to ask questions and experiment and have a great time. This one friendly act could change their view of dancing forever. Youíll have given them the gift of the boogie.